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As a trusted and reliable partner to many suppliers in the energy sector, Rozell has developed over the years a multi-function steel fabrication shop to work with a wide range of gauge and plate materials, as well as structural steel.   Equipped with the latest in laser cutting technology, cnc punches, a CWB certified shop, industrial bending and rolling capacities we are equipped to provide competitive bids with short lead times on all sizes of projects with a familiarity with a variety of materials.


With a complete (from flat to finish) duct line, Laser cutting/cnc system, 2 spiral machines with galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum capacity, 37,000 square feet of fabrication space, Rozell serves a wide base of multi-trade contractors to ensure they receive quality HVAC duct and fittings fabricated to SMACNA and project requirements.  With over 50 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication and installations, we are able to provide solutions for issues unique to the industry; and possess a level of automation as well as the skilled tradespersons necessary to meet or exceed schedules and quality requirements.


Metal sound baffles